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There’s a lot we think about everyday…what we need to do, schedules, deadlines, responsibilities. These can pile up quickly! Like with spring cleaning, we have to manage that mental load as part of self-care.

Let’s Talk About Mental Load- Spring Cleaning

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Make It Fun

It’s not always easy to see the point where you can take what’s happening and make it light and fun. Many times it’s hard to see any fun in something at all. But that’s why you have to make it fun.

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Making the shift from working in an office to working from home is sometimes difficult, but with these tips and tricks, you can not only take advantage of the flexibilities of working from home, but also find your most efficient work self.

7 Tips & Tricks for Working From Home 

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3 Ways to Read Books for Free

You’d love to continue learning and reading but don’t have time to go to the library? Girl, we have some free life hacks for you! Check out my tips and tricks to read for free.

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