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Connecting with others is imperative in the workplace to advance your career. The question is, which type of connection do you need?

Find Your Tribe

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Communicate Like A Boss Through Observation

Invincible doesn’t even begin to describe Katherine Miracle. Her story is full of inspiration, life hacks and perspective that we can all use to refine our own shine.

Many of us either work from home on a regular basis or are working from home temporarily. Regardless of which group you fall into, it’s important to be connected at work so that you are moving forward professionally.

6 Ways to Get Ahead When Working Remotely!

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Make It Fun

It’s not always easy to see the point where you can take what’s happening and make it light and fun. Many times it’s hard to see any fun in something at all. But that’s why you have to make it fun.

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Once summer breaks no longer mark the passage of time, it’s really easy to feel like you’re stuck in the same place and you’re not moving forward. In these times, it’s increasingly important to focus on your wins.

Focus on Wins

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5 Ways to Be Physically Positive

I always love reading those memes that say things like “You’ve got this!” or “She believed she could, so she did”, but I always find myself asking “Ok, but what can I DO?” These physical life hacks will help you own your confidence and positivity.

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