How It All Started

Diamonds are typically very sparkly when they're new. There's nothing like the shine of a diamond. But as we wash our hands, do dishes, etc, diamonds can get dirty. They need scrubbed up to sparkle again. We're no different as professionals.

A couple years ago, I was asked to speak at a women in Business conference with a topic that matched the theme "Shine Like A Diamond." The feedback was overwhelming!

I spoke about keeping that belief that you can do anything after being in the work world for a while. I had avoided opportunities because I’d been told to sit down or that I wasn’t good enough or ready enough. I was worried about taking risks because I might be judged for failure. I had given external voices power to decide my path when they weren’t speaking truth. I lost some of my invincible, can-do-anything shine.

Apparently, I was not alone. The message rang so true for so many of you that I had to start Invincible Sparkle to fill the space with encouragement, truth about difficulties and inspiration to get through anything so that everyone can shine in their unique way.

With the tips and tricks that have helped me become a leader in the business world, you'll have that dream rulebook you always wished you had. Ready to dig in?

Who's That Girl?

I'm Jess, founder of Invincible Sparkle. I'm so glad you're here because it means you're ready to dive in and find that invincible and successful person you can be. I love mentoring and working with people to help them reach their career goals by identifying areas of growth and removing obstacles. So basically, you've come to the right place!

Like you, I was a college grad with a plan....twice. I've got both my B.S. in Labor Economics (where my math lovers at?)  and History and a master’s degree in Business. Then I took on the work world and got a degree in the real thing - work life. I still work in a job I love as a Senior Director, leading teams in product development, sourcing and engagement.

Outside of work, I love speaking at universities, working on more amazing content for you, running, boxing and dancing. I'd love to think I could do the dance fighting from Jumanji if I had to.
For a creative outlet, I love sewing and designing new inspirational pieces for the blog shop. 

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