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We are all busy, Am I right? So I made these quick 60 Seconds of sparkle videos to bring you that inspiration and coaching for when you're on the go!

60 Seconds Of Sparkle

Overcoming Doubt

Let's dig in with some more ways to overcome that tiny doubt voice in your head...
AND it's only 60 seconds.

Check out the full blog post below and drop a comment for your best tips for dealing with that little voice.

Having a great attitude and creating the correct mindset starts with what you see, hear and read.
So what better way to get in the right frame of mind than to surround yourself with inspiration? Here's some ways you can get in the right headspace first thing in the morning.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

60 Seconds of Sparkle- Leaving the Past Behind

Once you've decided to tidy up- whether it's letting go of something emotionally or a thing that is no longer serving you, you have to move forward and leave it behind you.

You can't carry 🧳it all in a suitcase, it'll get too heavy!

Lots of things happen in our lives and careers- good things, bad things, confusing things...but what defines those things is the meaning that we give the event.

60 Seconds of Sparkle- Defining Meaning

60 Seconds of Sparkle- Emotional Tidying Up

Especially this year, it's so important that we take the time to sort out:
the good things that came from the past year- growth, new paths etc, and the things that we might not want to carry with us long-term- disappointment, hurt feelings and maybe some grief.

I've been working my way back through some of my favorite movies, especially the chick flicks 🎬 and there's always those moments where I cringe. The heroine isn't supposed to mess up, she's on such a good path and she stumbles on the obstacle. It's the same way in life and in our careers. Without the missteps and the fumbles and the challenges, the successes won't be as sweet and we wouldn't have learned as much getting there.

60 Seconds of Sparkle- It's Not Yet The End

60 Seconds of Sparkle- Setting A Mantra

Especially when you're going into a new day, new week or new situation, setting your attitude and mantra in advance will help you come from a place of confidence and strength.
What's your mantra for today or what you're going through right now? Drop it in the comments and save this video to remind you to set a mantra going forward!

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