Watch Me: Overcoming Doubt At Work to Achieve Your Goals

Like many of you, I have a fire in my belly to achieve my goals. I’m driven to keep learning, growing and getting better. I find that the more you push for achievement, the more adversity rears its head in personal doubt and doubt around you. It might sound or feel like…“Well, you can’t do that.”, “You’re not smart enough to succeed at this.” or “That’s impossible, there’s no way.” But adversity can also fuel that fire in your belly and push you to make some of your greatest triumphs. Every time you achieve a goal that was surrounded by doubt, you prove that you are stronger than any adversity and that you can get through anything. Here’s how to take that doubt and use it to fuel your fire:

  1. Define the motivation: Who is doubting you? Why would they doubt you? It might be that your dream is too big for them to fathom or that it’s outside of their understanding of the world and possibilities. It might be time to surround yourself with other big dreamers instead. 
  1. Check Your Own Assumptions: Are you assuming that someone doubts your ability or will judge you when there is no evidence of it being factual? So many times, we assume that others might judge us before they even get the chance to react because it validates our own self-doubt. We’ve already worried about failing or about the dream being too big or too ambitious. 
  1. Find The Facts: Many times, doubt is rooted in fear which is a survival response. That doubt might have an underlying statement of “I’m worried that you’ll fail at this and I don’t want to see you hurt.” If that’s the case, what might be fueling that thought? Are they worried you don’t have the right tools to succeed? Digging into that doubt might highlight something you need to work on or fix to make sure you’re successful at your goal.
  1. Bucket the Voice: Is this a voice you should be listening to? You’ve reviewed the motivation, searched the doubt for positives that can help you grow. If the facts don’t support the doubt and it doesn’t give you constructive criticism that you can use, the doubt doesn’t deserve merit.
  1. Fill The Journey With Positive Reinforcement: Once you’ve taken the good you can from the doubt you’ve faced, dismiss the doubtful voices. Find new voices, whether it be in the information and articles you read or your tribe, that will build you up and encourage you on your journey.

You have a passion for your goal for a reason. After you’ve reviewed the intention and motivation behind the doubts you’re faced with, you can proceed based on facts instead of opinion. Silence those voices by proving them wrong. Use that doubt as fuel to succeed in spite of the doubt. Make your mantra, “Don’t think I can? Watch Me.

get ahead at work by silencing doubts

“Don’t waste life in doubts and fears; spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour’s duties will be the best preparation for the hours and ages that will follow it.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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