Unapologetically Fierce

You know that woman, the one in the magazine who is confident, self-assured, glamorous and, yes, fierce? Now have you ever been her? You know, that day when you look in the mirror and see this amazing person who is just owning it? Some days, when we’ve got it all together, we remember what that feels like. But the other days, especially when things aren’t quite going to plan, we can forget how to be that fierce and unapologetic woman who can do anything. Here are some pointers to bring that unapologetic woman back out:

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  1. Work Your Plan: When you have a direction and a purpose in each step, it makes asking for what you need a little easier. You feel the need to apologize or shrink back to avoid putting anyone else out. But if you have a pointed reason for the request and it fits your plan, you’ll find the daring to make the plan happen.
  1. 20 Seconds of Confidence: I love the line in the movie, We Bought a Zoo, where Ben says, “You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage”.  That’s less than a minute, less than half a minute. Pull out your insane courage and take that crazy step to work your plan.
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  1. Find Your “Fierce”: It might be a change of clothes or a certain hairstyle, but find that special thing that makes you feel amazing. Last year, I was speaking at a Women in Business conference and one of the other speakers told me my haircut was fierce. I had just gotten it cut in a slightly different, asymmetric style and I had the biggest goofy smile on my face after she said it. Typically though, it’s a great outfit that makes me feel put together. What makes you feel fierce?
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  1. Pick The Right Tribe: Surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams. Having the right people supporting you, who make you the best version of yourself is invaluable. This may be a mentor, friends, or family. Those who are jealous or discourage you because something is “too hard” or “you don’t deserve it”? Those people don’t make the cut. 
  1. Pick Your Moment:  It’s important to be unapologetic and go for your dreams at the right time or in the right way. Take the time to observe the situation and world around you. By observing, you will have more insight into how to take action. Check out when and how to take risks in this article

When you find that fierce woman inside and make a clear plan of what you want, all you need is the 20 seconds of insane confidence. You’ll push boundaries, ask for what you need and achieve your goals. How have you been unapologetically fierce?

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