Nothing is Unsolvable

Do you have a tendency to freeze when bad things happen or when there are issues at work that you don’t yet know how to fix…YET? Through my career, I’ve learned that no problem is unsolvable, it’s just new. We initially react to the “something isn’t right or on track” feeling which brings up a bit of panic. When we calm that feeling and approach the problem like a puzzle, we take the emotion out of it and triage solutions instead. 

“Keep Moving Forward”

No matter the problem, we can’t be paralyzed by the problem or situation at hand. We have to keep moving forward. As entrepreneur Jim Rohn puts it, “The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. Proceed, and light will dawn, and shine with increasing clearness on your path.” 

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Moving forward may mean tossing around ideas of potential solutions, trying a solution or even a course change. Making a decision and moving forward is imperative to solving any problem. Even if you take a path that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s progress. As Thomas Edison found in inventing the lightbulb, you won’t fail. You’ll learn what didn’t work and why.

Check Your Rearview Mirror

When problems arise, you can forget that you’ve solved similar problems before. It may not have been the same problem, but you’ve faced situations that felt insurmountable and found a solution and way forward. Tap into that strong and proven professional to make it through this.

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In The Ride of a Lifetime, Bob Iger remembers, “I needed to look at the situation not as a catastrophe but as a puzzle we needed to solve. And to communicate to our team that we were talented and nimble enough to solve these problems and make something wonderful on the fly.” I loved this when I read it as it really drives home the idea that you can make something wonderful out of a situation that might feel impossible. 

What feels like a problem facing you now, may be the best thing to ever happen. It may put you on a path that will be even better than where you came from. 

Surround Yourself With Wisdom

Whether it’s seeking advice from your team, mentors or friends or digging deeper into understanding what exactly you are facing, it’s important to surround yourself with wisdom. As Bob Iger puts it “Know what you don’t know and trust in what you do.” 

Take Time For Self-Care

When the problem at hand becomes larger than life, you might need to take some time to recharge. Even if it’s something small, finding a way to empty your mind and decrease your stress level can help you come back to solving the problem with new energy and perspective. 

No matter what happens, there is a way forward. Even if you don’t pick the perfect solution the first time, you’ll learn something and be able to attack the problem with new information and energy. Nothing is unsolvable; you just have to get creative and think outside the box. How have you solved a problem that felt impossible?

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problem solving, women supporting women in business, career planning, getting ahead at work, career advice, career coaching
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