Refine Your Shine

“You’re a diamond in the rough. Polish that diamond up and you’ll go really far.” These words can’t be more true for all of us. Each diamond is unique and with some refining, it can be exceptionally beautiful. So how do we ‘polish it up’? For diamonds, they are valued based on the 4 c’s- cut, color, clarity and carat size. If we’re a diamond in the rough, it’s worth using that same scale to learn how to polish it up and shine.

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When a diamond is cut, it’s cut so that it’s brightest points can catch the light and truly sparkle. What is cut off is generally discarded or used for other purposes. Just like a diamond, it’s important to cut away the things that are not needed in your life. The feelings of inadequacy? Cut those away. The negative self talk? Chisel that out of your thoughts!. 


Historically, diamonds with more inclusions or carbon pieces inside were generally discarded for clearer diamonds. In recent years, these discard diamonds were renamed “champagne, chocolate or black diamonds” and are considered even more beautiful. With a new perspective, these diamonds became some of the most sought after and celebrated pieces. Believe everything has beauty and a place in the world. Let this new perspective be the glasses you use for the world around you. 


Do you know who you are? What defines you? If you’re not sure, define who you want to be. Your personality is unique and no one else can be you. Find who you are so you can be that person unapologetically. 

We all need clarity for what’s important. What are your goals? If you’re not sure yet, use this worksheet to help you identify them! If you could make your perfect highlight reel, what would it look like? Once you have clarity in your direction and who you are, you will be able to shine in a way no one else can.


It’s easy to think that a larger diamond is more valuable than a small one. But each diamond is valued based on it’s unique attributes. Even though one diamond is bigger it might not be the same price. We need to keep this in mind for ourselves as well. Just because someone else seems more successful than you, it doesn’t mean they sparkle brighter. There are many other factors and unique things you bring to the world that they cannot. Their shine doesn’t diminish yours. 

If a diamond didn’t go through these 4 tests, it wouldn’t be the beautiful sparkly item that we just love to have. It might not be easy and it takes time for each step, but the end result is worth it. Can’t wait to see how you shine. 

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