6 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

Have you always been taught that hard work gets rewarded? That if you work hard, good things will come to you? Hard work and dedication is a big part of moving forward at work, but it’s not the only ingredient. If you add the items below to the hard work you’re already putting in, chances are you’ll be top of mind when it comes time for promotions and kudos:

1.Work in Person: Instead of sending an email, walk over to your co-worker’s desk and ask in person. Not only will that person feel more connected to you and form a relationship, but you might prevent an email or text from being mis-read. 

2. Be Authentic: Workplaces are more and more collaborative and it’s important to show you are open and trustworthy. Being yourself at work makes others see you are authentic and this helps you gain trust and friendship. Make sure you stay true to yourself without revealing too much or speaking unprofessionally. Self-awareness starts with knowing what to say and when. Harvard Business Review warns to “be yourself, but carefully”. This can be a powerful tool in propelling your career forward as people accept  your story and narrative, but can be devastating if done incorrectly. 

3. Say Yes: to special projects or cross-departmental assignments. It might mean more work for a period of time but it allows other supervisors to get to know you and see what you can do. These teams also help you develop your ability to see the bigger picture, a skill bosses look for in candidates they want to promote. You may find a new mentor or advocate on the special project.  Volunteering also shows you are a “team player.” 

4. Find a Mentor: While it may feel like new territory to you, whatever you’re going through, someone has been through it before. Reach out and find someone you can be honest with about your feelings and concerns. This may be someone outside the company, in another department or even in your own area. Check out our article on Finding Your Tribe to know what to look for in a mentor! It’s important to remember that you are never too old or in too high of a position to need a mentor. We all can benefit from each other’s experiences and having a sounding board. 

5. Take Advantage of Lunch: This is a great way to get to know your co-workers and develop personal relationships that will help you get your job done more effectively inside the office. This is especially true in a new role or new company.  This allows you to use your EQ or emotional intelligence to navigate through company culture and connect with your teammates so you become more well-liked. 

6. Celebrate and Share Wins: When you identify and share wins one level up the chain, you are keeping your manager in the loop of positive progress. Write the email or explain it in a way that your manager can share too. Your win is his/her win too! If you’re celebrating the small wins, you’re reinforcing the idea that you are awesome, you matter and you are making progress. Share them as facts so they don’t come across as bragging.  Try making a spreadsheet or a list of accomplishments throughout the week to personally keep track of these. I’ve made a template here for you to try!

These tips use your emotional intelligence to connect with others in your workplace. Add this to your high performance  tasks and those amazing results for the special sparkle at work. You got this and you deserve the credit. 

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