5 Ways to Be Physically Positive

I always love reading those memes that say things like “You’ve got this!” or “She believed she could, so she did”, but I always find myself asking “Ok, but what can I DO?” These physical life hacks will help you own your confidence and positivity with some action!


When a person smiles, it physically triggers endorphins in the brain. Your body thinks it’s reacting to something that makes you happy. By smiling, you take advantage of a natural result and create a cycle of positivity in your mind. Do This: Since it might be a little goofy to walk around smiling all day, so here’s a little life hack. If you start smiling just enough that it activates the muscles by your eyes you can achieve the same result. 


I recently read an article in Travel and Leisure about travel posture. It explained that the shape of the plane seats creates a curvature in the spine that is frequently associated with depression. To battle this, the article suggested adding a pillow behind the lower back to sit straighter and avoid the hunching. When we stand and sit with the correct posture, we are physically more confident. Do This: Try adding a 1-minute alert to your work calendar to remind you to sit up during the day. Or if you have a smartwatch- after you stand for a minute a day, try sitting upright for a minute after without leaning on your desk. You can also try a standing desk to help with this. I recently got an Upright Go for Christmas and it’s great for this as it gives a gentle buzz for when you’re rounding your back or hunching. Fun side effect, it keeps your ab muscles engaged when you sit up straight.

Superhero pose:

At a Women in Business conference way back in the beginning of my career, I heard a speaker talk about the physical ways you can feel in charge or exert power. The biggest way is by using the power pose. This is basically the stance you see Wonder Woman doing with her legs apart and her fists on her hips. This is based on Amy Cuddy’s research and TEDtalk from 2012. Instead of crossing arms or rounding the back, it is a very straight and exertive posture. Do This: Try going somewhere private like a bathroom stall and standing like Wonder Woman for two minutes. I personally love using it right before a big meeting with the best pump-up music mix. Even if it’s not totally proven, it certainly does feel good to physically act like you got this. 

Wear Clothes that Fit:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a bad mood because my pants don’t fit that day or because something I’m wearing isn’t comfortable. Do This: If it doesn’t fit or feel good when you put it on, put on something else that will make you comfortable and confident throughout the day. And if the issue persists, do like Elizabeth Gilbert says in Eat, Pray, Love and buy new pants. 


In Psychology Today, they have an article discussing the Science of Laughter. In this article, they note that laughter may only be the best medicine as it connects people together and gives a social connection that can have side benefits. Even though it hasn’t been proven, the article states that “Rigorous proof that we can reduce stress and pain through laughter remains an unrealized but reasonable prospect. While we wait for definitive evidence, it can’t hurt — and it’s certainly enjoyable — to laugh. So, a guy walks into a bar…:”. Do This: Take a break, watch a funny video or search for some memes to laugh a little.

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